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The Medical Students’ Association of Rwanda (MEDSAR) is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization of medical students of Rwanda founded in 1997. It is a registered member of International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA), the largest organization that represents all medical students in the entire world.

Our Objectives

To unite, defend and represent medical students in Rwanda.To promote science and the spirit of research among its members.To initiate and participate in all programs which aim at promoting the living standards of Rwandan citizens.

Our Work

Over the past 25 years, the Medical Students’ Association of Rwanda, MEDSAR has been representing and empowering future doctors of Rwanda. It has also been a channel for students to be involved in activities that promote health. Moreover, on an annual basis, MEDSAR hosts General Assembly & scientific conference which gather students and professionals in healthcare.

Meet MEDSAR Committee 2022-2023

The MEDSAR have the following leading organs: The Executive Board, The Standing Committee Directors, and The Supervising Council. They meticulously work hand in hand and according to each and every organ responsibilities. This is the team of officials 2022-2023.
Tuyishime Norbert

Norbert Tuyishimire

MEDSAR President

|PRESIDENT of MEDSAR 2022-2023l

Medical Student at the University of Rwanda


Vice President of Internal Affairs 2022-2023

Medical student at University of Rwanda.

Eric Niyigena

Vice President of External Affairs 2022-2023

Medical Student at University of Rwanda.

Migabo Ganijuru Aristide

Vice President of Public Relations and Communications 2022-2023

Medical student at university of Rwanda.

Uwase Ange Marie

Vice President of Finance 2022-2023

Medical Student at University of Rwanda.

Irakiza N. Marie Agnes

General Secretary 2022-2023

Medical Student at University of Rwanda.


We work under standing committees, see our latest updates and blogs.


On the 17th April, The Medical Students Association of Rwanda (MEDSAR) in its Partnership with IMCC Rwanda in preparatory study of the Upcoming project Youth Education Activities on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (YEASRH) had Read more…

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