IMCC Rwanda

IMCC is an organization of volunteers in Denmark including student from different faculties working closely with Rwandan medical student in health promoting projects

IMCC Rwanda carries out project with Medical student’s association of Rwanda(MEDSAR). The common project aims to improve health in the southern province of Rwanda and kigali area. this is done through health education as well as developing MEDSAR as an organization.

IMCC with Rwanda carried out successful events through many years like we can say World hepatitis Day 2017,WHP 2019. 

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The project was established in 2017. And the project is called Youth Education activities on NCDs(cardiovascular diseases,diabetes etc..). The project aimed to enhance health lifestyle in the Rwandan community by improving their knowledge on NCDs. the project emphasized on the youth mostly because behaviours associated with increased NCD risk are acquired at the start of adolescence or youth adulthood.  Medial student of Rwanda volunteered in YEAN activities and its implementation : teaching sessions at secondary schools at Huye

Teaching at  Rugango Secondary school in Huye District

The partnership helped the organization with capacity building and involving members though different workshops aimed to develop their skills in project proposal and management. 

 YEAN Project and in different projects we aim Organization women empowerment whereas exchanging and learning from each of them. A step made along an equal gender balance in Rwanda medical student’s association(MEDSAR). Rwanda prominent female made a motivation speeches

Women empowerment Day


Before COVID-19, IMCC Rwanda had just started a new project  The project  called “Youth Education Activities on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Project” , and aims to disseminate and improve information about especially young people’s knowledge of sexual hygiene. The following points illustrate the project’s goal description, as we would work to:

  • Stop unintended pregnancies in Rwanda
  • Disseminate adequate information on menstrual hygiene
  • Create equal access to “Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH)” information

These activities have, of course, been postponed due to COVID-19, but will resume as soon as possible.

last online meeting with MEDSAR President @ Ndagijimana serge .


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