After MM2019  in Slovenia on europena continent  it was a right time to bring IFMSA March meeting General assembly  in Africa  specifically in Rwanda at it’s first time in history  .Acknowledging the work done by MEDSAR Heroes at it’s time, think of journey to  host one of the largest World led youth event in country of thousands hills .Biding to Host IFMSA MM2020 ,presentation done and all work were in preparedness to have a Rwandaful experience . Fortunately IFMSA (internation federation of Medical student associations) in accordances to its internal regulation it is schedule to have two General assembly which are on of the most crucial moment to learn, and thinking at the future of the Federation .Rwanda 🙂 MEDSAR Rwanda won to host MM2020 . and from the scratch we started tireless work ,OC started preparing for the Rwandaful experience and countdown hands to finger  time pass and finally in March 2020 the along waited  time by World happen .the event prior to it’s self  we had Pre GA MM2020 where hands in hands IFMSA with OC had to prepare one of the capacity building workshops in IFMSA as it is perceveived as the back bone to the federation  .the Pre GA had 12 workshop as capacity building sessions  aim for training the future of youth for health ,to enrich Members knowledge to health situations and it’s management to NMO Development thru them,  a lot of development strategies ,innovations ,interactive experience were handed. In his opening remarks Vice president of Members “reminded the participants that Pre GA have been training, shaping, sharpening and changing the medical students to the change that they want to see the world” 


vice president of IFMSA offering Pre GA delegates a welcome ,time to learn.

Dr BYIRINGIRO J.claude , Dean of school of medicine and pharmacy at university of Rwanda

Dean of school of Medicine and pharmacy at the university  of Rwanda .he showed  appreciations to medical students for taking a lead in community based heath solutions. Days after Sessions proceed as planned various workshop ,different topics covered like AMET worshop where they talked about Universal health coverage and social accountability ,they learnt how to integrate UHC and coordinate to leave no one behind .Medical education should focus on pillars like acceptability ,accessibility and quality that community needs. Pre GA took 3 days with informative and educative full package. On 1st of the March 2020 the official opening of  69th IFMSA MM2020  with the theme of ROLE OF PRIMARY HEALTH CARE IN UNVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE at  Kigali convention center.

The chair person of the organizing committee Mr. NSABIMANA claude offers delegate huge welcome in Rwanda and marked and thanked the support of event sponsors. Medicine is more than just becoming a doctor .Primary heahcare in achieving universal health coverage.

In his remarks the IFMSA president NEBOJA reminded how IFMS works to envision and work with medical student associations all over the world ,share skills and knowledge needed in Global health ,vice chancellor  of university of Rwanda and patron in his speech showed how it is important and crucial to create compassion to the next generation of young people as IFMSA does. And reminded youth that humanity should guide their dreams towards Better transformation. Congratulation brothers and sisters for this event ,we’re proud of you .vice chancellor said.  

NEBOJSA IFMSA President 2019/2020

Vice chancellor at university of Rwanda

At that time participants welcomed the Guest of honor at that next time to the podium Honorable Minister of Health of Rwanda Dr.Daniel Ngamije he began his speech statistically saying that Rwanda primary health care comprises a growing network of over 580,000 community health workers who provide primary health care to 14,837 villages ,885 health post and 500 health centers in which 85% of the population seeks health services  .Making accessible health care services demonstrate strong political will and this is the most valuable tool for achieving full Universal Health care by year 2030.he again welcomed delegates in country of thousands hills.

Dr. Daniel Ngamije Mnister of health ,Rwanda.


Dr. Ryarasa joseph speaking on behalf of MEDSAR Alumni

Days after  MM2020 continued in BUGESERA District at La  PALLISSE HOTEL NYAMATA . Day 2 on the event agenda at its time of the theme event intercultural and multidisplinary  panellist discussed key determinants to UHC ,Juliet batariganya one of the panellist speaker explained how e-health and digital health  programs are necessary tools that can greatly contribute in achieving UHC ,continued with discussion whereas CEO edgar kalimba showed how health care financial costs marks the main challenge to achieving UHC .he calls upon advocacy on health care financial and collaboration with stakeholders .providing primary health care marks the path towards UHC .

Juliet Batariganya

Apart of having wonderful day even though  it was very exhaustive on the event agenda delegate  used to have time for intercultural diversity within social program  as well as time to chill and have fun .IFMSA fringe  MM2020 highlighted cultural expression  ,National food and Drink party tasting sweats around the Globe

Event continued in 5 days with standing committes ,presidents and NMO management sessions and plenary sessions .in this IFMSA MM2020 it was pleased time of federation to vote for new Executive members in mandate of 2020/2021 .Poch lin won to be IFMSA President for 2020/2021 in Rwandaful tent as been announced by plenary team.  69th IFMSA General assembly was Rwandaful experience as closed by IFMSA president NEBOJSA wishing delegates wonderful Post GA and safe flight to whom will take flights in  coming days.

Rwandaful experience continued inner by exploring the beatty of the country,country of thousands hills .delegates took their preference route according to Post GA schedule.

More pictures of the IFMSA MM2020 kigali Rwanda are found on our facebook page




#VisitRwanda Rwanda is one of the safest and friendliest African country. It is blessed with a moderate high altitude climate that belies its tropical location. The Rwandan capital provides both a comfortable and welcoming introduction to this land of a thousand hills and an ideal springboard from which to explore this magical country.