MEDSAR Welcoming seminar 2019

In starting of new academic year  in University of Rwanda school of medicine and pharmacy under medical student of Rwanda usually we welcome new young fresher joining the association ready to serve and working for MEDSAR .as such this incredible event occur each year annually since our arrival.  This academic year 2019-2020 the official inauguration was in hands of MEDSAR executive committee presented by MEDSAR President .At the start was first to explain  briefly  about MEDSAR  aim, vision and making each and every one understand basics as their was for welcoming the presentation of:

  • MEDSAR structure
  • projects and Paternerships (yean project)
  • Standing committee presentations (SCORA,SCORE,SCOPH,SCOME,SCOPE,SCORP)
  • Our programs with their impacts

Mr. President addressing the audience

We presented standing committee; standing committes on public health(SCOPH) we showed various events carried out includes World TB day  where members were on  field teaching the awareness  on earlier prevention of lung cancer. Also we presented MEDSAR through standing committee on research exchange(SCORE) ,Had a research seminar empowering future clinical researchers for evidence based medicine, Research workshops aimed in equipping skills for medical students working in small groups and sharing ideal for medical research ..they also mention various research exchanges &research education.

And we don’t left behind the introduction about sexual and reproductive health through the standing committe(SCORA) as we’ve been hosting two previous scora x change in Kigali –Rwanda.

Also we presented IFMSA professional exchange where we are working in international environment giving each MEDSARians  the chance for understanding  cultural difference and their impacts on sexual and reproductive health ,Human rights, medical education. their correlation to different cultures .we didn’t exclude their chance for finding friends everywhere as might be crucial in their future as physician.

In support of inclusion and participation of persons the new comers shared their expectation and what motivates them to join and this is one of cornerstone that committee  builds on for these  future   MEDSARians. again we concluded questioning “why to join MEDSAR” as many explained to them that it is the right time take action in continuing serving and changing the community through making peace , Advocacy together with awareness , to learn various skills like leadership skills ,negotiation skills required to be a Good physicians.

level 1 students showing interest as they stands to discuss and mention their expectation on MEDSAR


We also encouraged them to tell others to join as we have been striving &working on the same way as Rwandan medical students.

Editor: Didier NSANZIMFURA