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We had a TV talk where we were represented by Ndagije serge MEDSAR President with our National officer on public health together with our Guest of Honor Dr Eulade NDIZIHIWE  sharing consequential knowledge about Hepatitis .it was an immense opportunity for youth to show off their actions in Global health whereas they  are able to innovate ,invent in our health system .medical student  of Rwanda representative were able to share with the general populations crucial information on hepatitis.

From left Dr Eulade NDIZIHIWE, NDAGIJIMANA Serge(MEDSAR President), GATOYA Wendy(NPO)

On 28 july every year the world celebrates international day against hepatitis where world bring awareness  and increase political will to diagnosis and treatement  . reasoning Worldwide, 290 million people are living with viral hepatitis unaware. Without proper actions in diagnosing and treatment millions of patient will suffer.On World Hepatitis Day28 July, we take voice to announce national ,global actions to prevent such and increase treatment care ”. Theme ‘Hepatitis free future’ hepatitis has been a global burden since it kills more than  millions worldwide

World hepatitis day is again another opportunity to bring awareness on the importance of knowing hepatitis status.

MEDSAR President

The talk continued where they reminded the public that it is safe  and very important for a pregnant women to get his hepatitis status protecting and giving a programmed treatment to his newborn by health care  workforce.

Gatoya wendy

Knowing the statistics that 9 in 10 people live with viral hepatitis without knowing and undiagnosed which it might become fetal . we as medical student of Rwanda we can’t hide our insights that different global parties could take actions to eliminate hepatitis . being on TV will always be  first tool and be appreciated.

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