Medsar Membership: 

Medsar Membership Registration Note that there will be a final list, and the only one giving members voting right  for mandate year 2020-2021. The membership form shall open by the beginning of new committee as it is  determined by the Updated Medsar constitution 2019/2020.

MEDSAR EB is pleased to announce that the Registration for Membership can only be done online through this platform by following the bellow steps: 
You have to fill the online application provided by Medsar EB : Click HERE
After you have successfully submitted your online application. You can proceed with the payment.  
You can pay 2000 Rwf membership fees directly to the MEDSAR Bank account < 6775001676 > Ecobank or by handing the fees to our Vice President of Finance UWIMBABAZI Bonifride but only through MoMo (Mobile Money). 
Note that you are a MEDSAR member after you have successfully completed the above steps. 
“Let’s build our own MEDSAR” if we want to reach far, we go together
For more about payments contact Vice President of Finance:
UWIMBABAZI Bonifride: 0784952436
Vice President of Publication:0783972146