SCORA is the standing committee on sexual and reproductive health and rights including HIV and AIDS.  SCORA is one out of the six standing committees in IFMSA and MEDSAR as well, furthermore SCORA is among the most active standing committees in MEDSAR.

As part of inducting new medical students in MEDSAR, SCORA organized SCORA AWARENESS WEEK which was held from 12th-17th January 2020 where the main purpose was to welcome all the new members in the family of SCORAngels and to fully describe the VISION, MISSION and the FOCUS AREAS of SCORA. The online awareness campaign was closed by SCORA DAY

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It was the evening of Friday 17th Jan 2020 when MEDSAR SCORA marked SCORA day. The day was celebrated with different sessions and it was attended by different medical students. ERIC NIYONGIRA MEDSAR NORA- elect opened the sessions by welcoming everyone in the room and mentioning the significance of the day as well as introduction to SCORA. From his presentation the vision is to have a world where every individual is empowered to exercise their sexual and reproductive health rights equally free from stigma and discrimination. the mission is to provide our members with tools necessary to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights within their respective communities in a culturally respected fashion.

NORA Elect opening the session

The SCORA dream team also engaged the SCORAngels in a fun and interesting session where they were asking questions about sexual and reproductive health and also displayed a short video narrating more information and testimonies which helped them to fully understand SCORA FOCUS areas as they include comprehensive sexuality education, maternal health and access to safe abortion, sexuality and gender equality, gender based violence, HIV AND other STIs.

Former NORA in presentations

NORA Elect also delivered a good session on how new members can be sexual and reproductive health activists. He used tangible facts showing challenges faced by youth regarding their sexual life and urged members in the room to take the lead in tackling those challenges. He later added that SCORA will provide them with all possible means for their capacity building and also help them give back to their community through serving.

Lastly, Mr. JEAN Niyonsenga MEDSAR vice president in charge of internal affairs gave the closing remarks and thanked all the present SCORAngels encouraging them all to be fully committed towards working together and engaging in the upcoming SCORA activities.



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