Research is critical to ensure effective health care and innovation in the health sector. And over
the last twenty-two years, Rwanda health sector has gained praise from local and development
partners for its continuous reduction of maternal and infant death rates, malaria, new HIV
infection and mother to child HIV transmissions among others. This has been achieved due to the
great contribution of the researchers who were committed to improve the Rwandans’ health. But
above all which have been done, we still have big gap in medical related data and research in

Mainly we are facing inadequate data in our health settings while we have many graduated
healthcare professionals and many students in the field but they are not interested in research.
We are facing inadequate and ineffective practice upon research methodology module and there
is inability to collaborate with clinical research mentors. Furthermore, there is lack of
collaboration between students and research centers in our country.

For sustainability of what have been achieved and making solutions to the problems that we are
facing, MEDSAR through its standing committee on Research Exchange (SCORE) had research seminar “empowering future clinical researchers for evidencebased medicine”.

MEDSAR research seminar was held on May 18, 2019 at UR Remera campus in Havard hall This is attendee’s photo at Havard hall_UR Remera campus

The objectives of the seminar was, Raising awareness about research among students, Attracting the interest of research centers and teaching hospitals to work with students in
their research projects. Influence the clinical researchers through the University of Rwanda to use and support
the student in different researches. To facilitate collaboration and partnership between students and research institutionsThe seminar was successful. It has been attended by 85 students from medicine, Environmental health sciences, laboratory sciences, clinical medicine and community health. The seminar had 6 speakers from university of Rwanda, Partners in health and Doctor from King Faisal Hospital.

The event started with the opening remark of dean of school of medicine and pharmacy, Prof. Stephen Rulisa. In his opening remarks, he reminded us that: “time is the only assets that all we share, our success will depend on how we manage it.” He continued showing us how research can be done by young and can even be done by people low educated people.

Prof. Stephen Rulisa, Dean of School of Medicine and pharmacy

The next presentation was made by National Officer on Research Exchange (NORE) in medical students’ Association of Rwanda (MEDSAR). It was describing the activities of Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE) and difficulties they meet in their everyday activities. The mentioned challenges to SCORE are: Lack of basic research knowledge and skills in SCORE members, No involvement in research projects of research centers, No encouragement from senior researchers.


The next presenter was Professor Gahutu Jean Bosco, the Director of research and innovation at College of Medicine and Health sciences. He presented two presentation (the role of medical students in contributing to evidence based-Medicine, contribution of UR to medical research and the empowerment of undergraduate students for medical research). In his presentations, he focused on the methods that students may use to contribute to EBM like learning methods and strategies, Collaborators in research projects, Reading medical literature, Discoveries. He also showed us how UR is contributing to medical research through different research projects, collaboration research and post-doctoral research program and student centered learning.

Professor Gahutu Jean Bosco, Director of research and innovation at CMHS and Senior lecturer at UR

Another presenter was Grace Umutesi, the manager of research department at Partners in health/ Inshuti mu Buzima. She presented about “The Role of clinical researchers in improving clinical practices & Patients’ outcome” she stressed how Research is a key to clinical practices and improves health outcomes. She presented about the research projects of Partners in Health and how the improved clinical practices and patient outcomes,some project like All Babies Counts, breast cancer project,… contributed to significant outcomes to patient care.

Grace Umutesi, manager_ research department at Partners In Health, 

After different presentation we received recent UR graduate, Dr Blaise Ntacyabukura who is currently working at King Faisal hospital, he is a researcher and started his journey of reseach when he was in medical school. He based on focus and mentorship, focus is what will drive us to our career and if we are focused we will have mentors, mentorship is also everywhere in all condition that we live in.

Doctor Blaise Ntacyabukura, recent graduate at UR

The inspiration of Doctor Blaise was followed by our mentor and senior lecturer at University of Rwanda, Dr Bavuma M. Charlotte. She is a researcher and currently she is working at Kigali university teaching hospital (CHUK). She showed us how modern medicine is dependent on clinical research and the link between basic research and patient care.

Bavuma M. Charlotte, MD, MMED, Senior Lecturer at UR

After many inspiring presentations, we received the guest of Honor Professor Philip Cotton, a Vice chancellor of University of Rwanda. He started by appreciating the how university (CMHS) is helping students and the way school of medicine and pharmacy make the research seminar happen. He focused on research and evidence based-medicine (EBM)

Prof. Philip Cotton, Vice-chancellor of university of Rwanda


Vice chancellor continued with awarding 3 students who are in journey of medical research and who currently did some researches. Those students are Eric Twizerimana, Theobard Dusabimana and Theogene Hagenimana. The students awarded by Vice-Chancellor, Dean of SoMP and MEDSAR President

After the closure of the seminar, students and guest took the picture and went to lunch together. These are some pictures of the event.

Organizing Committee of MEDSAR research seminar is pleased to acknowledge the role and great support of all your efforts to make this seminar happen. We recognize and appreciate University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Health sciences for their incredible support.

We recognize the work of school of medicine and pharmacy and dean’s office for their support and how they worked hard for our success.



We thank CMHS career guidance and employability for choosing our idea and support as research is a part our career, we recognize all they what they did for the seminar in all preparatory way. We appreciate the work of RBC medical research unit; they helped us in content development and gave advices for the success of the seminar. We are proud of our Lecturers about how they supported us. We appreciate the work of Dr Cubaka K. Vincent for helping us in the journey of preparation of the seminar. We thank Partners in Health for empowering us and their role in medical research and improving patient’s care. We appreciate for efforts of all speakers for helping us and spend their time for our development.


Done thanks to NIYOMUGABA Fulgence, National Officer on Research Exchange (NORE)_ MEDSAR

-[Published by NDAGIJIMANA Serge] Vice-President on Publication Communication and Information_MEDSAR.

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