30th September MEDSAR celebrated World Heart Day starting with a Car Free day in Kirehe District the Eastern Province of Rwanda with the Ministry of Health, Partners in Health (Inshuti mu buzima, Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), and Vision for a Nation.

The event’s theme was “Twite kumutima, tuwurinda indwara Tubigire isezerano” and it came after the Medical Student’s of Rwanda Association spent a week in Kirehe Community Health camp from 24th-30th September 2018 providing different health care services based on prevention medicine and taking action in the fight against Non-communicable diseases (NCDs).


The Minister of Health Dr Diane GASHUMBA taking Blood Pressure measurements

The guest of honor Minister of Health Dr Diane GASHUMBA appreciated Kirehe District population for the interest they showed in their own well being as they came in the Car Free Day and wanted to know their health status through screenings the best way to beat NCDs and Cardiovascular diseases.

Dr Diane GASHUMBA also gave her appreciations to Kirehe district, the events organizers and stakeholders for this big event, specially the medical Students Association of Rwanda for a good initiative of reaching the society and taking the first step in the change they want for their own country.


After a week of NCDs screenings the total number of Kirehe Community Health CAMP was 4286 NCDs screenings and 430 Eye care services. The main target of counseling and teachings was to treat the person not the disease and raise the awareness of NCDs in far community with the goal of reminding them that Prevention is always better than Treatment and that NCDs services are available.

Other different photos of the event

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