medsar scora exchange

Came to an end from 12th August–2nd September 2018

MEDSAR SCORA Exchange Program came to an end from 12th August–2nd September 2018. It has provided participants with information about the social and health care situations of the host country (Rwanda) including Sexual and Reproductive health and rights, as well as encouraging intercultural education and collaboration #Rwanda 

Scora exchange 2018 involved different sessions such as Sexual and Reproductive health and rights training, Introduction to CSE CSE for Adolescents CSE people with special needs, introduction to Old and New contraceptive methods, HIV/AIDS session (Addressing stigma and discrimination in schools, Parliament: Access to
safe abortion as human right and penalty code for unsafe abortion. All happening in different days and  different places Kigali, Huye, Rusizi/ Rwanda.

Scora exchange visiting ISANGE ONE STOP CENTER to learn about Gender based violance (GBV)

Scora exchange involved also relaxing and social program such as Visit National Museum, Canopy walk, Camping at
Nyungwe National park, Karaoke night, Barbeque Night, Party night Horse riding at Meraneza Fazenda, and a Farewell Dinner before the day of departure.


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