IT BEGINS WITH YOU They wore a cloth of despair, what they saw forth was nothing but a bleak future, after all nothing more could be expected from these poor innocent children who merely survived on drugs and shoe fix […]

Medsar Scora exchange 2018

medsar scora exchange Came to an end from 12th August–2nd September 2018 READ MORE MEDSAR SCORA Exchange Program came to an end from 12th August–2nd September 2018. It has provided participants with information about the social and health care situations […]

Medsar Community Health Camp CHC-2018

MEDSAR COMMUNITY HEALTH CAMP2018 MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN HEALTH BURDENS READ MORE Community health camp 2018, is gonna be Taking place for almost a week (5 days) SEPTEMBER 24th-29th in KIREHE District, is a new Inspiring and the most awaited […]